Knotted Headband
Knotted Headband

Knotted Headband

$5.00 USD $7.00 USD

Top Knot nylon headband is stretchy nylon tied into a turban knotted style.  

 Product Details

  • Soft nylon elastic 
  • Stretches to grow with baby
  • Headband sizing 13 inches un-stretched

Care Instructions: Hand wash if needed, using cold water. Mild detergent is recommended, lay flat to dry. *Bow can be untied for cleaning.


I’ve had some trouble finding headbands that feel as soft as this one. I hate when a headband looks tight on the baby or leaves any marks across their head, so it was great to find one like this that stretches and is so gentle.

Colleen L.

They are so cute guys! I ordered 5 and when arrived I was even more excited as the fabric used is the one I prefer for headbands. My daughter wont take them off! They are stretchy and super light! I’ll be ordering 5 more. 😂👌🏽✨

Coraliz E.

I just received my beautiful headbands. The colors are represented perfectly. They are super soft. My babygirl isn’t here but I seriously can’t wait to put these on her. They have a nice stretch. you won’t regret this purchase!

Brianna J.

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